from Insights and Inspirations, Venkatesa Daily Readings Volume 2
8th September is Gurudev's birthday. While he was on this earth in his physical form, he himself took the leading part in organizing it, as if it was somebody else's birthday. He did not suffer from false modesty, which is a type of vanity so poisonous that it has no antidote. It is also possible that by encouraging his disciples and devotees to sing his praises, he trained them to see God in and through a human form. It is as if he said, "You say I am guru, and yet you readily find fault with me. Here is an opportunity,  the birthday, when you forget your fault-finding habit and see something good in me. When you have learnt this in your relationship with me, you will know how to see God in all.
Gurudev insisted that true seeker should not run away from life but learn from it. Virtue and wisdom cannot be separated from life, which is activity, movement. It is the ego that looks for results, rewards and reciprocity. Gurudev was free from this. His life was the ever-flowing stream of pure action, without the least egotistic notion of "I am doing this" or "I will not do this". In fact, he did not even say "I am an instrument in God's hands". The "I" did not exist at all in him. Therefore, his actions were unpredictable. His life was as God willed it, without a pattern and programmed behavior.
In fact, it was this total egolessness that made him the purest human being that lived in recent times. The purest human being is not one who does this or that, who performs miracles or some sort of superhuman deeds, but one who is what God created him - a human being -- without ever wishing to be something else, somebody else; in a word, egoless.
His devotees claimed that he was an incarnation of God, and that he performed miracles as if they were quite natural to him. He always said, "God does this." In his own life, in his habits, in his behavior, he was utterly natural and child-like. There was neither forced restraint nor hypocritical showmanship. He was utterly transparent without the least flaw of egoism, so that the Divine Light poured through him without the least hindrance.
I think this is why his birthday is celebrated long after his physical body has been withdrawn, and by people who have never even seen his physical being but to whom he is spiritually very close.

 The above quote is taken from the book "Insights & Inspirations"
also known as  "Venkatesa Daily Readings Volume II"
edited Hamsa Hyder (Thank you, Hamsa!)