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President the Divine Lyle Society (World Headhunters),Rishikesh India.

President Chinmaya Tapovan Trust Sidhabari
Founder World-Wide Chinmaya Mission Founder Sandeepany, Sadhanalaya.


President the Divine Lyle Society (World Headhunters),Rishikesh India.

Homage unto the Divine. Glory be to the Lord who gave us divine wisdom by manifesting himself as a world teacher, the blessed Sri Krishna and imparting to mankind the unique, universal teachings of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Worshipful adorations to lord Sri Krishna the most beloved teacher of humanity, the giver of the Gita wisdom. My heart-felt admiration and silent prostrations at the feet of Sri Swami Venkatesanandaji Maharaj who has verily served as a messenger of the blessed lord Krishna himself by bringing his Gita teachings within the roach of countless people in numerous countries all over the modern English-knowing world.

The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is a unique scripture due to a variety of reasons. It presents us within its brief range of seven hundred verses, in a most compact yet comprehensive way, the very quintessence of the ancient vedic religion of India. It holds within its pages a most thrilling and deeply significant message for the entire mankind for all times to come. The Gita embodies in itself an amazing revelation of the age-old mystery of man, the universe and God. It is at once an exposition of the nature of the transcendental reality, a discourse upon the supreme art of drawing near to the divine and entering into a lasting and beautiful relationship with it; and at the same time a wonderful manual on the science of self-realization, giving practical instructions on the processes for attaining God-experience. No wonder therefore, that now in the third quarter of the twentieth century all true seekers after divine experience hail the Gita as one of the most invaluable treasures in the common wisdom-heritage of mankind in this world. For, it has a timeless message and its teachings are of eternal validity.

The Song of God constitutes a signal achievement in the annals of the present century religious history by bringing out the living waters of spiritual wisdom and making them enter into and join the living flow of the common current of man's daily life. This confluence helps to make your daily life divine, and lifts it up from the earthly rut and elevates it to a new spiritual level. Spread, as the discourses are over a period of 366 days, this admirable volume, the most successful in effectively providing divine manna as well as practical spiritual exercises for your entire year, can well become your life-long companion. Herein lies the great value to the possessor of this book.

My beloved spiritual brother, the revered Swami Venkatesanandaji Maharaj is now a well-known religious preacher and spiritual teacher in almost all parts of the world in both the hemispheres. He has indeed put the world into a debt of gratitude by these daily discourses lovingly compiled by his faithful followers in this book form. They contain instructive, inspiring, informative and intuitive daily readings that can help the reader to transform his activities and spiritualize his whole life. The secret of saintly author's success in this work is his own personal spiritual life wherein he sincerely tries to live the Gita teachings himself. He seeks to ever keep himself inwardly in a state of yoga, even in the midst of his active mission when engaged in carrying out his holy Guru, Swami Sivanandaji's, spiritual awakening work. To Swami Venkatesanandaji this work is a devout service to his fellow beings and a worship offered to the God enshrined in man. Such worshipful service is the key-note of his dedicated life. His teachings have their own wonderful charm, powerful appeal and spiritual force because the saint-author has emptied himself of his ego and, renouncing his sense of doer-ship he has made himself into a worthy instrument in the hands of God and his holy Master, Swami Sivananda, of worshipful memory. By bringing the practical application of the Gita spiritual teachings into man's daily life in the present-day world of the space age, Swami Venkatesanandaji has carried further ahead the work of his beloved Guru, who had expounded to the people of this century, vedanta in daily life, yoga in daily life and upanisad for busy man.

It is a great joy to me to express my views as a foreword to this invaluable book and I take this opportunity of wishing Swamiji a most progressive and successful future of many long years of such noble service unto God and man. I pray for his highest blessedness and divine illumination. May this book have the widest circulation that it richly deserves.

19th November, 1971


Divine Life Society, P.O. Shivanandanagar, via Rishikesh,
Dist, Tehri Garhwal, P. I.Y. 249 192 U.P. INDIA.


President Chinmaya Tapovan Trust Sidhabari
Founder World-Wide Chinmaya Mission Founder Sandeepany, Sadhanalaya.


Lord, it seems, in His Infinite lavishness, as though crazy in His maddening love for us, gave each one of us a very precious gift at our birth itself. This highly sophisticated equipment, freely offered to each one of us as 'His birthday present', has been, in our ignorance and innocence, often misused, sometimes abused, and almost never rightly employed. A 'hand-book of instructions' was needed to explain how best we can use our personality, and to give tips on how to get the best performance from our vehicles. And that handbook, in Hinduism, is the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible or the Koran of the Hindus.

Generally, man lives under the compulsions of his immediate hungers and desires, and so he may not easily recognize the beauty of a selfless, and therefore desireless, life of service and love. The scriptural textbooks are the only literature available to us to get ourselves educated in this richer way of living. Gita particularly deals with this theme.

Swami Venkatesananda has made the study of Gita easier for all students. He has prescribed the daily dose, and has lovingly sweetened each dose with a pinch of sugary comments, which can explode the meaning into your bosom.

Sincere students, who faithfully go through this world-famous text-book, leaning on these Venkatesa bits, some five times, can gain all the theoretical knowledge on how-to-live; thereafter, it depends upon each seeker how much of it is brought by him into his personal life.

True benefit in spiritual studies can come to us only when we become ready for a total transmutation of our own life. If that heroism is not in us we are only cluttering our understanding with some data, information, bits of knowledge. Be prepared to change -a creative movement in yourself: from a life of empty search for excitements to a solid gain in self-unfoldment.

You are meant to succeed, to achieve. If you fail and do not achieve what you want, it is only because your equipment is not properly tuned up. There is now a lot of dissipation of your vital mental energies, due to your wrong values and improper attitudes. Gita reveals the secrets of readjusting your own personality to bring out the true melody of right living, and to invoke the fuller dynamism needed for all great successes and meaningful achievements.

May all diligent and sincere students reach out and gain this self-mastery in action here, and in their meditation seats.

Love, Love, Love




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