Excerpt from Venkatesa Dailyreadings 
December 24th

What can be done to salvage the spirit of Christmas?

During one’s travels around the world, one cannot avoid meeting the spirit of the anti-Christ, still professing to be Christian – but where is Jesus? Is it not possible to “see” Jesus in the Holy Land, in the cathedrals and museums of Europe? Oh yes. Is it not possible to “see” Jesus in and Bernadette in Lourdes? Yes, it is. If not, then one sees all these paces as so many prosperous and thriving souvenir shops!

But even when one “sees” Jesus in these places, where does Jesus abide? Most mysteriously and most certainly, in one’s own heart. If Jesus is absent there, he cannot be seen outside. The pure heart is the Lord’s throne. His throne is not of matter, nor is his kingdom of this earth.

It is when man aspires to rule another that conflict arises and his own personality is split into numerous fragments. For such a person it is almost impossible to experience holy communion.

To be holy one has to achieve “wholeness.” To achieve wholeness means the resolution of all conflicts, all duality. In fact, this is communion – hence communion is holy.

 - Swami Venkatesananda