Gita Daily Readings

27th October
Chapter XV: 19-20
He who, undeluded, knows me thus as the highest purusha, he, knowing all, worships me with his whole being (sarvabhavena), Oh Arjuna.

Thus, this most secret science has been taught by me, Oh sinless one; on knowing this, a man becomes wise, and all his duties are accomplished, Oh Arjuna.


He who knows the unobvious sustaining reality knows that God alone pervades all, and that he is beyond all limitations, beyond maya (illusion) and avidya (ignorance). God is the substratum of the jiva, that living soul and perishable person, as well as of the atma, the imperishable person or purusha.

However, God is in neither jiva nor atma, for though the waves are part of the ocean, the ocean is not part of the waves. Such knowledge cures delusion, making evident the unreality of distinction between the three which is born of ignorance; and that the loss of jivahood is supreme gain, heralding the realization that the substratum of the immortal atman is the infinite being.

This infinite being is the all, the all-in--all. Bhakti yoga prescribes five attitudes that the devotee can adopt towards God. The attitudes of: peaceful contemplation; mother-child or child-parent; master-servant; friendship; and lover-beloved.

Knowing that God is all, the devotee worships him in all the five bhavas (attitudes), "sarvabhavena." He looks upon his parents or children, his master or servant, his friends, his beloved and the stranger as the manifestation of God, and he regards God as all these.

Sarvabhavena is the commandment of the Holy Bible, too: “Love thy God with all thy heart.” In the heart of the devotee there is no room for finite, imperfect, selfish and sensuous love. He loves all; not the heterogeneous but the homogeneous God-in-all.

If we begin with the obvious and examine the not-so obvious sources of these obvious phenomena, then it is possible for us to be free from self-created problems and eventually arrive at the grand discovery of the profoundest secret.

Thus in the Upanishad of the glorious Bhagavad Gita,
the science of the eternal, the scripture of yoga,
the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna
ends the fifteenth discourse entitled:


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