Gita Daily Readings

23 October
Chapter XV: 13-14
Permeating the earth I support all beings by (my) energy; and having become the watery moon I nourish all herbs.

Having become the fire, Vaishvanara, I abide in the body of living beings and, associated with the prana and the apana, digest the fourfold food.


“Soma” in the text has been variously interpreted, and in the context of the vedas, it has been taken to mean a kind of intoxicating drink. The sense in which it has been used here makes it clear that soma is “watery” energy or some kind of an “essence” (rasa) which the moon bestows on the herbs.

These verses bring God nearer home, explaining the daily function of our body. Krishna neither cancels the vitamin theory nor the herbalists’ ecstatic belief in the miracle that herbs can work. He intensifies both! Mineral salts nourish plant life and plants nourish animals, but the power of nourishment is God's. Scientists have carefully analyzed the assessed mineral salts and described their composition in terms of different molecules. Krishna only expresses in another way the truth which scientists, in the glory of that intelligence which is the reflected light of God, have made clear. There can be but one answer to the questions: “Who organized the molecules?” and “Who guided the scientists' intelligence?" - God.

Within the human body, as the gastric fire, it is his power again that digests all kinds of foods. A study of the process of digestion is an amazing indicator of the divine power that functions within our own body! It is good to cultivate the habit of feeling the presence of God in all these functions. It will promote the health of body, mind and soul.

It is also good to remember all the time that saying “God” is not knowing him! When “God” is given as the answer to our questions, the question is not answered, but the quest is intensified. The verbal answer is but a word. Truth eludes words.

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