Gita Daily Readings

16th October
Chapter XV: 5
Free from pride and delusion, victorious over the evil of attachment, dwelling constantly in the self, their desires having completely turned away, freed from the pairs of opposites known as pleasure and pain, the undeluded reach the eternal goal.


How much wisdom can be compressed into a couplet! How careful, too, are the words chosen by the Lord! Attachment is the root of all evil, perhaps the only evil! - not to be destroyed or annihilated, for that would be contrary to the law of nature, but definitely to be conquered.

However, attachment is deep in our very nature as love, which is a synonym for oneness. Some attachment is all right as long as it is attachment to God. Our Master used to say: “Detach the mind from the world and attach it to the Lord.” Wean it from the gross impure attachments and let it incline to the subtle and pure attachments; from them lead it to God. One may or may not necessarily accept the conventional meanings of “pure” and “impure,” but as one matures, this distinction becomes clear in one's own self. Purity is transparent and impurity is opaque, dense, dull and veiling. 

Even so with desire. The gross impure desire must be weaned from sensual pleasures, refine itself until it is no longer "desire" in the accepted sense and so incline towards God. Such desire is like fire which burns everything, but which burns itself out as soon as its task is over.

Pleasure and pain are in a way part of this world-process, samsara, like day and night. They may be there in the world, but one must free oneself from their sway. This is possible only if there is attachment to no object other than the self in which the yogi dwells constantly, witnessing the procession of the pairs of opposites without getting involved in them. The undeluded soul is thus well established in truth and reaches the great goal of self-realization. 

One should meditate daily upon this verse.

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