Gita Daily Readings

2nd October
Chapter XIV: 3-4
My womb is the great Brahma; in that I place the germ; thence, Oh Arjuna, is the birth of all beings.

Whatever forms are produced, Oh Arjuna, in any womb whatsoever, the great Brahma is their womb and I am the seed-giving father.


This is a divine mystery, not because it has been hidden away by any sect or clan, but because it is beyond the reach of the intellect - hence incomprehensible; and of speech - hence indescribable. Only revelation is of any avail here; this revelation should be devoutly received and then intellectually understood.

God alone is the reality. That is the deep significance of the simple word "omnipresent" which all of us use in relation to him. This reality has with it, in an inexplicable way (maya), infinite energy (prakriti or divine nature) which is capable of either remaining latent or becoming patent. This is logically acceptable because it cannot be disproved!

That energy is called mahat-brahma. Visualize it as a cosmic mirror with infinite reflectors. The one being is immediately manifested in all these reflectors as infinite beings. Since the one being is all-consciousness, the reflected infinite beings, too, come to possess that consciousness, but in a reflected way; and it is this reflection we refer to as "intelligence" in the individual. Essentially it is divine, but it is finite and shines in reflected glory. This perhaps is the meaning of the biblical expression “Man is made in the image of God.”

For the purpose of human comprehension, this divine act of reflection is expressed as impregnation. However the inevitable duality of father and mother should not con fuse us into super-imposing duality on the one being. Rather, the analogy should be modified to a curved mirror (of horseshoe shape) with the two poles reflecting on each other thus producing infinite mirrors within mirrors. Since God is consciousness, these infinite reflections are endowed with intelligence.