Gita Daily Readings

30th November
Chapter XVIII: 17
He who is free from the egoistic notion, whose intelligence is not tainted (by good or evil), though he slays these people, he slayeth not nor is he bound (by any action)


This mysterious egoistic notion is the cause of all our sins and sufferings. In fact it is this notion that sins and that suffers, too. The "I" creates its own ghosts, desire and hatred, clings to them and fears them. In the one it sees many and gets bewildered. Forgetful of God, the supreme bliss, it is subjected to frustration. Frantically working for happiness, it loses it! Man walks the burning sands of the desert in order to quench his thirst at a far lake, only to find that the lake is a mirage. How can these unreal causes produce such real effects? Because in the darkness of unawareness the "I" arises and thinks it is real, vainly imagining (and creating) evils and sufferings. This is the only sin.

Hence our Master insisted again and again: "Turn the gaze." When you turn the searchlight of truth on this mysterious "I," you will discover, not the "I" nor its vanishing trick, but the substratum for the "I" and for the whole universe, which is God, Brahman, the paramatman.

Even a dry blade of grass cannot be wafted by the wind except by God's will. This has been the unanimous verdict of all sages, saints and prophets. The whole universe is run by his will.

Actions do not bind; it is only the egoistic identification that binds. The hateful murderer is sent to the gallows, yet the executioner gets paid for a similar action. In war, the same action on a larger scale wins the hero a medal! Look within and you will know the difference. The understanding and knowledge, "Thy will be done" frees us instantly, enabling us to perceive the truth, to experience that God is good, that the universe is good and that the soul is eternally good. The 'I' was but a bad dream. Forget it.

But, beware, let the "I" not create a God for you to fear, to love, to worship and to realize. God here is the truth, the reality who is "present" when all thoughts march out, following the I-thought.

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