Gita Daily Readings

19th November
Chapter XVII: 23
"Om tat sat" - this has been declared to be the triple designation of Brahman. By that were created formerly the brahmanas, the vedas and the sacrifices.


The absolute needs no name! God has no proper names or improper ones. Incidentally, therefore, the names by which religions are known are also fictitious, man-made, faction-generating tools of the evil mind that perverts even truth for its false ends. All religion is the individual's path to God-realization; what need has one to distinguish it, and from what? It is when I wish to establish that “my” religion is superior to “your” religion, that I introduce names! It is when I wish to assert that “my” God is real and “yours” unreal that I begin calling him names (sorry!).

"Om" has been declared to be the indicator of the infinite, absolute being. Its proper intonation suggests fullness, perfection, and a subtle transcendence that is indescribable. It is the simplest of all sounds, as simple as God himself. In sound it is comparable to the seven colors of the solar spectrum that blend to form the white color. When you listen to the distant noise of the market place or fair, when no particular sound is distinguishable, it is heard as one big roar of Om. It is a mystic symbol of the infinite. Meditation on Om and listening to the inner psychic Om-sound by closing the ears with the thumbs and listening with the right ear, are powerful tranquilizers of the wayward mind.

“Tat” is the word “that.” Not this, but that; where all that is created - phenomenal, material and non-eternal - is included in “this,” and what remains when all “this” is negated is “tat.”

This “tat” is not non-existence, a mere negation or void, it is “sat” - the reality. That reality is not something that is opposed to non-reality, but it is the indescribable substratum of all existence. That reality alone exists and has nothing outside of itself; where is the need to call it by any name? Yet all names are God's.

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