Gita Daily Readings

May 31st
Chapter Seven: 6-7
Know that these two (natures) are the womb of all beings. So I am the source and dissolution of the whole universe.

There is nothing whatsoever higher (other) than me, 0h Arjuna. All this is strung on me, as clusters of beads on a string.


There is nothing other than God! God alone exists. He alone is the reality. How can the unreal exist? God is not an entity that you and I can see or experience through the senses, through the intellect. But what exists, the complete cosmic entity, is God. Even the word "God" is unnecessary, because there is nothing outside of him, therefore there is no name, there is no form. If we must feel that the material universe and all the diverse beings have an existence, we should realize that all of them together constitute the body of God, while the indwelling consciousness, the soul of this universe, is the spirit of God. What a superb vision!

We talk of creation and dissolution of the universe. All that is nothing but the manifestation and the unmanifestation of the nature of God. There are some sages who treat even such expressions as "God willed the creation into being" as imperfect explanations meant for spiritual children (the soothing syrup!). The sun shines without intending to shine; that is God's very nature. Even so, all the elements and the life-potency (DNA) are God's nature and the manifestation-potential is always present in him. This potential is made manifest and then unmanifest, alternately; that again is his nature.

In ignorance of the unity of God, we assume that he created the world as a man creates a piece of pottery. When we clearly realize that there is nothing other than God then we see that whatever arises, arises in that consciousness. In the analogy used, consider a rosary in which the beads and the connecting string are of the same thread. Thus, one string appears as 108 beads and their connecting link. So, God alone appears as these myriads of beings and their connecting link, yet he is the only reality.

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