Gita Daily Readings

May 18th
Chapter Six: 29-30
With the mind harmonized by yoga he sees the self abiding in all beings and all beings in the self; he sees the same everywhere.

He who sees me everywhere and sees everything in me, never becomes separated from me, nor do I become separated from him.


Meditation (as described in verses 11 to 14 above is only a part - though a vital, indispensable spirit-awakening part - of yoga, but should never be regarded as all that yoga means. God is omnipresent. God-realization must, therefore, definitely mean realizing his omnipresence, not only within oneself or within one's own sanctuary, but in and ultimately as all.

When we come into contact with the objects and personalities in this world, the mind immediately reacts in the customary way furnishing them with names, forms and assumed attributes (like good and evil, ugly and beautiful, pleasant and unpleasant).

Language is a screen. We use words to cover up what we do not want to see. We indulge in this name-calling because we do not know the truth and do not care to know the truth. However, it is possible to reach the realization that ignorance has created these names and the simultaneous illusion that "I know," whereas in fact, we do not know anything. One who is able to enter into that spirit gets the grace and enlightenment.

Therefore, the yoga student is asked to meditate and first establish inner contact. Once this is done, it is easier to overlook the name and form of the objects and personalities and perceive the divine essence in all.

Meditation alone without this dynamic practice of the omnipresence of God is of very little use. Meditation itself is not possible if our daily life denies his omnipresence. We can make no progress if we start the car and do not make a move!

It is the one infinite being that shines through all this diversity as all this. To see this is, in fact, meditation. Then there is neither withdrawal from nor involvement in the world. Samsara (the perennial stream) flows on neither calling for your involvement nor demanding your withdrawal. To see this is to see God; to see God is to be God!

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