Gita Daily Readings

May 10th
Chapter Six: 13-14
Let him firmly hold his body, head and neck erect and still, gazing at the tip of his nose, without looking around 

Serene-minded, fearless, firm in the vow of a brahmachari, having controlled the mind, thinking of me and balanced in mind, let him sit, having me as his supreme goal.


The body and mind are interrelated. If the mind is unsteady, the body shakes too; as in anger. If the body is agitated, the mind is not steady. The body must be kept still in order that it may be forgotten and transcended.

The "erect" posture is the natural one (though it is considered to be a special "yogi's posture" on account of the distortion of our normal posture). In it the vital force or prana flows smoothly, especially along the spine, thus ensuring equilibrium both of the body and the mind, which the prana links and enlivens.

Nasika-agra in the original text may mean "tip, root or front of the nose." Sanskrit is a rich and flexible language. Certain yogis claim that special psychic merits accrue from gazing at the tip or the root of the nose (between the eyebrows). It is best to look directly in front of the nose at a symbol of God or the flame of a lamp. When you think of God and endeavor to visualize him within yourself, you will discover that the vision is "abstracted" and therefore even the objects in front of you fade away. The important point is to sit "without looking around."

Once the desired concentration of mind and internal visualization of God have been achieved, then it matters little if the eyes are kept open or closed. The visualization is imagination. Imagination has image in. Looking at it enquiringly reveals the substance of which this in-image is made. If the visualization is dull, the result is nil.

Brahmachari is one whose mind "roams in God or Brahman" (though in a restricted sense, it refers to continence). "Fearlessness" is extolled because in deep contemplation, when one "forgets" the body, one is apt to be afraid of "losing it." One whose goal is God is fearless and is prepared to sacrifice anything to reach him.

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