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May 2nd
Chapter Five: 29
He who knows me as the enjoyer of sacrifices and austerities, the great lord of all the worlds and the friend of all beings, attains to peace.


Before proceeding to describe the technique, Krishna assures us that God's grace will certainly enable us to achieve that perfection which is also supreme peace.

We need God's grace to achieve success in anything, most of all in our spiritual quest. That grace is available to us all, pervading all throughout our lives. There is a reason for it. God is the dearest friend of all beings, and this friend-indeed will enable us to overcome all obstacles and crown all our efforts with success.

Nor is it difficult to propitiate God and earn his grace, for he is the enjoyer of all sacrifices and austerities. All our actions and services, all our charities and austerities, all our prayers and adorations reach God. If only man recognizes this great truth, then his whole life and all his actions are spiritualized and sublimated. Every action that he performs and every prayer that he offers flows towards the Lord, deepening and widening the channel day after day and hour after hour, so that at the same time God's grace may flow towards him in ever-increasing abundance.

No one need despair. No one need fear obstacles. With a changed angle of vision the seeker looks upon obstacles as stepping stones. The thing that obstructs our smooth progress along the corridor is not an obstacle, but a step meant to lead us upward and onward!

God's grace alone will enable us to see it in this light and God is waiting to shower his grace on us! It is God's grace that enabled all this to be written, it is God's grace that enables you to listen to his song! Divine life is divine grace.

 Thus in the upanishad of the glorious Bhagavad Gita,
 the science of the eternal, the scripture of yoga,
 the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna,
 ends the fifth discourse entitled:

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