Gita Daily Readings

17th MARCH
Chapter Three: 27-29
All actions are wrought in all cases by the qualities of nature only. He whose mind is deluded by egoism thinks "I am the doer."

But he who knows the truth, Oh Arjuna, about the divisions of the qualities and their functions, knowing that the gunas, as senses, move amidst the gunas, as the sense-objects, is not attached.

Those deluded by the qualities of nature are attached to the functions of the qualities. The man of perfect knowledge should not unsettle the foolish one who is of imperfect knowledge.


What is nature? It is God's nature. In accordance with God's will, the qualities in his nature are constantly active. We are also part of his nature. We are all cells, as it were, in the cosmic body of God, but we assume to ourselves an independent personality on account of ignorance.

This individuality is a mystery. It is truly indivi(sible)-duality. We are all truly indivisible, one in him. We are all together the body of God. To realize this is wisdom. To forget it is ignorance.

In our own body, for instance, at every moment millions of cells are performing various vital functions. They work in harmony, in accordance with the dictates of the single unified life-force that commands all of them. There is, therefore, harmony and health in the whole body. In the same way, if all of us feel and realize that we are the body of God and carry out his will, there will be peace and prosperity in this world; but the foolish ones assume false egoism and thus create disharmony and disaster.

Expressions like "good and evil," "right and wrong," lose their significance in this light. But the wise man will not disturb the mind of those who believe in them!

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