Gita Daily Readings

Chapter Three: 3
The blessed Lord said: In this world there is a twofold path, as I said before, Oh sinless one; the path of knowledge of the sankhyas and the path of action of the yogis.


This is a truly Krishna-like statement!

There are not two paths; the path is a synthesis of the two, it is twofold! The path to God-realization is twofold; in fact the statement need not be restricted to refer to the path to God-realization! In this world, the path taken by anyone and everyone is of this twofold nature! Krishna does not exclude anyone in this world.

The sankhyas or the "philosophers" speculated about the reality. The yogis were busy living a life of service and rituals. The former did not interest themselves in living. The latter did not ensure that the service or the ritual had the light of knowledge to illumine and enliven the spirit in it. The two drifted apart; the philosopher and the yogi specialized in their own fields, and built their own empires that in course of time actually became antagonistic! If they are exclusive of each other, there is conflict and confusion, knowledge becomes hypocritical and action becomes destructive and self-aggrandizing. Thus, the two that sound very healthy and wholesome actually produce contrary results. Krishna reconciles them. On another level, neglect of this "wholesome" approach is fraught with danger. Modern science bears witness to this. The so-called "true science" generates knowledge of nuclear forces and of genetic mutations. Applied technology creates dangerous weapons - for which neither accepts responsibility. A "wholesome" (holistic) approach will bring them together and avoid dabbling with destructive forces.

The path is twofold. The two (knowledge and action) must blend in every one of us. As we shall presently see, the one implies and includes the other: a philosopher is no philosopher if he refuses to act on his philosophy - obviously he is not sure of it! A yogi is not a yogi if he does not know what he is doing! Blind action and lame philosophy must unite to march forward to the goal of divine life. This is Krishna's yoga - buddhi yoga.

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