Gita Daily Readings

29th June
Chapter IX: 4
All this world is pervaded by me in my unmanifest aspect; all beings exist in me, but I do not dwell in (am not confined to) them.


What is that kingly science or kingly secret?

As is characteristic of Krishna, he gives, in a simple, straightforward verse, the whole truth. The entire universe is completely permeated by God, the reality, but in an unmanifested, not-so-obvious guise. That is what is really meant in Gurudev's famous Universal Prayer: "You are omnipresent." Omnipresent means that there is nothing other than God. If that understanding arises there is nothing to be negated. This understanding is prevented by various factors, one of which is thinking that this may not be the reality. Instead of investigating what the reality is, the mind assumes that the reality must have certain characteristics and whatever does not possess these characteristics is not the reality. It gets caught up in its own web of thought, of maya.

The truth of God's omnipresence is, in fact, scientific, though science which is fast moving towards the same conclusion may yet take some time before even surmising it. We have already reached the stage at which we are scientifically assured that only one thing exists in the universe - vibrant energy which, when it is comparatively at rest, appears to be mass. All the elements are atoms arranged in a particular combination and the atoms themselves are distinguished in accordance with the number of electrons and protons they contain. Yet, how is it that a table is different from a book?

There is obviously some erroneous perception in the beholder. Who is this beholder? The man. He, too, shares the same fate as the universe, which to him appears outside. He is also composed of the same elements and factors. Though in reality one alone exists, there is this mysterious "internal reflection." It is loosely comparable to the dream of a sleeping man: objects created in and by the one mind acting on one another. Though in calmer and saner moments we may glimpse this truth, it is hard to realize and live in it.

This is Krishna's yoga: constantly remember that God is the sole, though not-so-obvious, reality pervading all, including you, but never limited to or conditioned by anything in the universe.

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