Gita Daily Readings

27th June
Chapter IX: 1-2
The blessed Lord said: I shall now declare to thee who does not wrangle, the greatest secret, the knowledge combined with direct self-realization. Having know this thou shalt be free from evil.

This is the kingly science, the kingly secret, the supreme purifier, realizable by direct intuitional knowledge, according to righteousness, very easy to perform and imperishable.


In the last chapter the Lord quietly slipped in an idea that, on the surface, looks impossible: "Think of God constantly and at the same time never neglect your duty here." How does a single person split himself into two, for how else can one fulfill this commandment? In this chapter, Krishna answers this vital question. Hence all the flourish at the very outset.

Rajavidya literally means "the king of all knowledge." This highest knowledge is available only to one who is king of his mind and senses, since these are the outlets through which true intuitive knowledge is lost.

Krishna is no vain egoist. The precarious middle path is imperceptibly subtle, so we are not usually sure where humility ends and timidity begins. A simple rule might help: personal effrontery must be humbly borne, but the glory of the divine wisdom must not be underrated or allowed to be trampled upon. Krishna demonstrated true and divine humility by becoming Arjuna's charioteer, but he is emphatic that the yoga he now teaches is a kingly science. It is a kingly science, no doubt, yet the fanfare is also used in order to enable us to listen more attentively - this is no ordinary science!

The word "secret" is used, perhaps, so that we will be tempted to spread the message! Maybe, Krishna also meant, when he declared the teaching to be a secret, that although the interpretation of the words may be clear, the message is secret and requires investigation. It is a profound secret on the non-verbal level, and must be understood not with the head, but with the heart. When that happens, it becomes a living truth and instantly you are purified.

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