Gita Daily Readings

24th June
Chapter VIII: 21-22
What is called manifested and the imperishable; that they say is the highest goal. They who reach it do not return to this universe. That is the highest abode.

That highest purusha, Oh Arjuna, is attainable by unswerving devotion to him alone within whom all beings dwell and by whom all this is pervaded.


Being beyond the intellect and definition, the absolute (eternal godhead) is attainable only by devotion. Faith, love and total self-surrender are the only means here; not intellectuality, reasoning or ratiocination. Intellect is but a creature of the cosmic dream. Hence, it can only lead us either farther from God or, at best, to his threshold (if we make it sub-serve faith, that is). Devotion is the key that unlocks the gates of eternal truth.

Krishna emphasizes again and again that while the seeker ought to do everything possible in his power to be good, to do good, to practice yoga for the purification of the self, the ultimate freedom, buddhi yoga, the eye of intuition or nirvana can only be God's gift. Even the self that demands them, that seeks them, must disappear in the fire of the seeking! The seeker and the sought must become one, merging in that point when the seeker has nothing more to seek. It is then that the sought is revealed or experienced. The seeker is the sought, for the self is nonexistent and illusory. God-love tears the veil of illusion and removes the distinction between the seeker and the sought. This is the path of devotion of love and of self-surrender.

Even the Kathopanishad declares that the self cannot be realized by one through much learning, but reveals itself to whom it will. This does not mean that God is whimsical, but that total egolessness is known only by God.

This much is certain: devotion and self-surrender guarantee self-realization.

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