Gita Daily Readings

20th June
Chapter VIII: 14-15
I am easily attainable by that ever-steadfast yogi who constantly and daily remembers me, not thinking of anything else, Oh Partha.

Having attained me these great souls do not again take birth in this world which is impermanent and the place of pain; they have reached the highest perfection.


If a man thinks of God constantly and daily (a double emphasis!), he will automatically think of him in the last hour, too. All devotees of the Lord recognize the near impossibility of governing one's own last thoughts. One devotee actually prayed in pathetic and pleading tone: "Oh Lord, may my mind enter your lotus feet right now; for who knows what it will think of when my throat is choked in the last hour of my life." This is especially true these days when sudden and violent accidents and heart attacks snatch life away, without notice! Therefore, it is all the more important to be ever God-conscious so that even if the last moment were untimely, the mind would by habit think of God and reach him.

Desire and karma, which together constitute the "state of inner being" called bhava, determine the next incarnation. When ignorance-born desire and ego-engineered activity (karma) cease, then, freed from these shackles, the soul awakens from the slumber of ignorance, and shaking off the dream-state of bondage regains self-knowledge.

Once the individualized consciousness has become totally merged with the cosmic consciousness there is no return to this world of "pain and impermanence." It is like throwing a bucket of water into a lake; that same water can never be retrieved. Lord Buddha's life teaches us that pain and suffering exist in this world in order to remind us of a state of being in which these shall not be and to lead us to that state.

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