Gita Daily Readings

June 2nd
Chapter Seven: 10-11
Know me, Oh Arjuna, as the eternal seed of all beings: I am the intelligence of the intelligent; the splendor of the splendid am I.

Of the strong, I am the strength devoid of desire and attachment, and in all beings, I am desire unopposed to dharma, Oh Arjuna.


The goal of the modern scientist was reached by the yogi, via pure spiritual inquiry. Their angle of approach is different, but their goal is the same. The scientist approaches it from the external form; the yogi from the inner spirit. Hence, our Master granted that even the scientist was an "externalized raja yogin."

Krishna does not let us abandon this quest of truth at any wayside station. We must not be satisfied merely with labels and names. As seekers of the truth we must go to the root or seed of such qualities as asceticism, strength, splendor or intelligence, and there come face to face with that which gave rise to them in the various beings. If we are vigilant, anything will lead us to the ultimate reality, for all things are rooted in God.

A clear understanding of this philosophy will give us two life-transforming secrets:

  1. Subjectively, if we wish to grow in any of these virtues (like asceticism) we should meditate upon God as their source,


  1. Objectively, we should see God in the strong, the wise, and so on, and thus avoid jealousy, fear and other negative and destructive emotions.

The qualifying statements in respect of "strength" and "desire" should be meditated upon. Benevolent strength and desire that do not transgress righteousness are God's own manifestations. If there were no desire at all, life would come to a standstill. Therefore God himself, his energy, his consciousness, his power manifests itself as desire in the human heart and in the hearts of living beings, to carry on the function of creation. What is absent there, is "I desire" or "my desire." In the heart of the yogi who adopts this vision there is no undivine desire, and therefore he does not judge others. In one who has such an ennobling vision, what has to be done is done spontaneously by God's will, as determined by him.

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