Gita Daily Readings

28th July
Chapter X: 32-35
Among creations, I am the beginning, the middle and also the end, Oh Arjuna. Among the sciences, I am the science of the self. I am logic among controversialists.

Among the letters of the alphabets, I am the letter "A". I am "and" (the dual) among the compounds. I am verily the inexhaustible or everlasting time. I am the dispenser of the fruits of actions, having faces in all directions.

I am the all-devouring death and the prosperity of those who are to be prosperous. Among the feminine qualities I am fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, firmness and forgiveness.

Among the hymns also I am the Brhatsaman. Among meters I am the Gayatri. Among the months I am the Margashirsha. Among the seasons, I am spring.


God is the source and end of all beings and, therefore, all creations. But he is the middle, too. If the middle is absent, there is neither one end nor the other. Though "I" and "you" seem to be very real, the only reality is what is between us - the connecting link - which is God, the consciousness, life. That is the meaning of the words "omnipresent," "eternal," "infinite," which we use freely without considering their significance. The omnipresent God alone exists; and the one cannot undergo birth or death (beginning or end). Birth is of another, and dissolution is into another. Hence, God is without these stages, yet he is their substratum.

It is worth noting that the science of the self is regarded as the best of sciences. Modern science, though predominantly materialistic so far, is gradually leading us to this conclusion. Note, too, that the prosperity of a wealthy man comes from God. If you are able to behold that prosperity as a divine manifestation, all jealousy, desire and hatred vanish and you admire only the divine.

The Lord exalts logic among controversialists. Discussion and even controversy may lead those taking part to greater and greater heights of search for the truth. Provided, of course, it does not generate lower passions, heat and hatred, we can use logic and pursue it to its own logical conclusion, leaping from there into God's lap.

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