Gita Daily Readings

27th July
Chapter X: 28-31
Among weapons I am the thunderbolt; among cows I am the wish-fulfilling cow; I am the god of love, the progenitor; among serpents I am Vasuki.

I am Ananta among the nagas. I am Varuna among water-deities. Aryaman among the manes am I. I am Yama among the governors.

I am Prahlada among the demons. Among the reckoners I am time. Among beasts I am their king, the lion. And, Garuda among birds.

Among the purifiers I am the wind. Rama among the warriors am I. Among fishes I am the shark. Among rivers I am the Ganga.


With great tact, wisdom and circumspection, lord Krishna introduces here objects and concepts that are generally regarded as "evil" by man. Weapons are evil, but God is the thunderbolt, the most terrible among them - equal to a number of 500-megaton hydrogen bombs together! He is not only the celestial wish-fulfilling cow, but also the chief of poisonous and non-poisonous serpents. He is the God of love whom sages and yogis dread! Even so, he is the shark, the lion, and so on.

All these have their own place in God's plan. We do not remember this and hence we fear them and regard them as evil and unnecessary. They seem to be unpleasant to our self-centered, self-loving and luxury-addicted personality and hence we hate them. Yet the more we push them away, the more we cling to them. 'I am Yama among the governors' - but for Yama (identified with death) this world would not even have standing room for the population, and the aged would be compelled to lead an existence worse than death. Yama or death regulates all things in this world. Without such a governor, the pendulum might swing too much towards one extreme.

There is great good within what we regard as evil; the inclusion of Prahlada's name in this list is indicative of this. Though born of demoniacal ancestry, Prahlada was a great devotee of the Lord. It is not from which genes we were born, but what we are that matters; and in all of us there is the highest divinity waiting to be revealed and unfolded.

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