Gita Daily Readings

24th July
Chapter X: 19-20
The blessed Lord said: Very well. Now I will declare to thee my divine glories in their prominence, 0h Arjuna. There is no end to their detailed description.

I am the self, 0h Arjuna, seated in the hearts of all beings; I am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings.


Here is a very interesting prologue to a startling approach to the supreme being - a warning that we should accept the symbol, but not confine the reality to it. God is in it, but not confined to it. It is God, but not to the exclusion of anything else. If the caution administered in these two verses is borne in mind, almost anything will lead us to God - for in effect the whole universe is the manifestation of a part of his infinite glory and power. Again, we can only take a few manifestations, we cannot encompass even these in their entirety with our limited mind. Try to think of space in its entirety. The mind reels and staggers!

But any form will do - for God is the self in the hearts of all beings. He is the reality in all appearances. He is the truth represented by the symbol. He is the noumenon in all phenomena. He is the formless Brahman in all forms. He is that in this.

Everything in the universe is filled with the same energy, with the same intelligence, the same consciousness. Thus, the objects that we use in our life, the actions that we do with this body, the persons to whom our actions are directed, are nothing but the manifestations of God. This is a remarkable truth, which, until it becomes a realization is a remarkable attitude.

Constant vigilance is necessary in order not to lose sight of the goal. We have our feet planted firmly on the ground and let our heart and mind fly aloft in the realms of the infinite. We grasp the form and let the indwelling presence envelop our heart, our consciousness.

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