Gita Daily Readings

5th July
Chapter IX: 13-14
But the great souls, Oh Arjuna, partaking of my divine nature, worship me with a single mind, knowing me as the imperishable source of beings.

Always glorifying me, striving, firm in vows, prostrating before me, they worship me with devotion, always steadfast.


The previous two verses stated the characteristics of a person of diabolical nature. Here we are introduced to the characteristics of the man of divine nature. Nature is God's own nature. It is the law of manifestation, however, that everything has two poles or sides. All that is within material, temporal, rational or conceptual levels has two extremes which are the pairs of opposites. Ignorance and knowledge, divine and undivine, manifest and unmanifest, truth and falsehood, reality and unreality - these always co-exist as the two poles of a single manifest being. However, God is beyond these because he is beyond all materiality, temporality, rationalization or concept.

God's nature, when it is manifest here, has the two extremities of the divine and the undivine. The human soul however, is endowed with the intelligence to discriminate between the two, to make the choice; and the will to make that choice operative, i.e. act upon that choice. We shall see more about this division of divine and undivine natures in a later chapter.

Suffice it to say here that those who have chosen to pursue divine nature, partake of that divine nature and adore God with all their being while at the same time realizing that he is the divine presence in all beings. Bowing to all beings as the shrines of the divine spark, they serve all, love all and adore all beings. This is the symbolism of the holy cross, too, in which are synthesized the two commandments of lord Jesus: "Love thy Lord" and "Love thy neighbor as thine own self"; the vertical beam representing the former, the horizontal beam representing the latter and the intersection indicating their identity.

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