Gita Daily Readings

4th July
Chapter IX: 11-12
Fools disregard me, clad in human form, not knowing my higher being as the great lord of all beings.

Of vain hopes, of vain actions, of vain knowledge and senseless, they verily are possessed of the deceitful nature of demons and undivine beings.


"People do not recognize me clad in human form" may refer to particular incarnations such as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus and so on, but it may also mean that we do not recognize the not-so-obvious divinity in one another. The embodied self is none other than the supreme self; only illusion limits it. That is why Gurudev Swami Sivananda emphasized: "See God in all" and Baba Muktananda used to say: "Treat one another as God."

What appears to be a human form is nothing but an outer appearance; and appearance appears to appear only to one to whom it appears. Thus the same reality that is in you shines in all. It is one divine being that dwells in the hearts of all. Let the consciousness expand to see this unobvious truth with the eye of the insight.

You have the privilege of keeping this insight open - observing, inquiring, seeking constantly for this reality concerning yourself, all your relationships and what exists. You also have the privilege of shutting your eyes and creating your own reality.

"Asuri" means "the absence of light, all that is darkened." In other words, one whose insight is darkened or closed. When we are blind spiritually, we see a separate reality created by our own ignorance. They are fools who accept the verdict of the senses, the intellect and their limited faculties and fail to realize the infinite. Their life is wasted in groping in darkness and self-limited by hugging ignorance. Even their fondest hopes, greatest actions and profoundest knowledge are tainted by illusion and therefore useless.

Ignorance is undivine; hence their nature is undivine and sinful. They can become divine - if they open their inner eye.

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