Gita Daily Readings

24th January
II: 17
Know that, by whom all this is pervaded, to be indestructible. None can cause the destruction of that, the imperishable.


Every being is pervaded by God, inside and outside. A block of ice submerged in water has not only water on all sides, but is itself water, though in solid form.

That all-pervading God is indestructible, and living faith in the all-pervading reality gives us a wonderful sense of security. But identification of the self with the passing phantom gives rise to insecurity and grief. The servant may be healthier and stronger than his master, but there is always a lurking sense of insecurity in him because he does not know when his dismissal will come. Reliance on "solid" matter generates insecurity, whereas reliance on subtle and invisible God confers security on us. Matter changes; the spirit is unchanging.

Life becomes meaningful and all activities are purposeful only on the basis of faith in the enduring reality.

All scriptures proclaim the truth that God pervades all inside and outside; in short, God alone exists, naught else.

Whatever exists in this universe is pervaded by God. - lsavasya Upanisad.

Lord Narayana dwells, pervading everything within and without - all that is heard of and all that is seen in the entire universe. - Narayana Suktam.

All this is indeed Brahman or the absolute; there is no diversity here. - Upanisad.

Realization of this unity will free us from sorrow. "Burn this forest of ignorance with the fire of conviction that 'I am one and pure consciousness.' Be free from sorrow. Be blissful." - Astavakra Gita.

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