Gita Daily Readings

5th January
I: 14-19
Then, Krishna and Arjuna, seated in their magnificent chariot, yoked with white horses, blew their divine conches.

Krishna blew the panchajanya, Arjuna blew the devadatta and Bhima of terrible deeds blew the great conch paundra.

Yudhishthira blew the anantavijaya, Nakula and Sahadeva blew the sughosha and manipushpaka.

The king of Kashi, an excellent archer, Shikhandin, the mighty hero, Dhrshtadyumna and Virata and the unconquered Satyaki,

Drupada and the sons of Draupadi, and the mighty-armed Abhimanyu blew their respective conches.

That tumultuous sound rent the hearts of the Kauravas, making both heaven and earth resound.


The Lord's conch is called panchajanya, the matrix of the five elements or tanmatras. The sound that issues from his conch is the supreme Om-kara, the vibration which is the origin of all creation.

Arjuna's chariot has the Lord himself as the charioteer. The Kathopanishad likens the senses to horses and the intelligence to the charioteer. When the Lord himself is the charioteer, it is no wonder that the steeds are white, a color symbolizing purity. If we hand the reins of our mind over to the Lord, then it is certain that our senses will be purified and all their functions will be pure and sinless.

The end of the night and the dawn of the day are unwelcome events to thieves and prostitutes. Even the auspicious sound of the conches of the Lord and his devotees pierce the hearts of the wicked. Fear is not outside but within them.

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