Gita Daily Readings

3rd January
I: 7-10
Know also, Oh best among brahmanas, the names of those who are the most distinguished amongst us - the leaders of my army. I recount them for your information.

Thyself and Bhima, Karna, Krpa the victorious in war, Asvatthama, Vikarna and also Jayadratha, the son of Somadatta.

And also many other heroes who have given up their lives for my sake, armed with various weapons and missiles, all well skilled in battle.

This army of ours, marshaled by Bhishma, is insufficient, whereas that army of theirs, marshaled by Bhishma is sufficient.


What impudence! Does the teacher need to be told all this? Also, Duryodhana fears that "my army" is insufficient. The singular and unmistakable characteristic of the wicked man is vanity and belligerence, which seeks more and more destructive power.

Yet the ominous truth escapes his lips. These great warriors "have given up their lives for my sake"! Anxiety fills the evil heart. He sees the enemy army in the true light. It is both formidable and sufficient, whereas his own army is insufficient. The two vital factors that ensure victory are on the Pandavas' side. They are, in the words of the Holy Bible, God and his righteousness. Minus these, might and numbers are mere liabilities.

Perhaps in a flash of momentary intuition, Duryodhana realized the unrighteousness of his cause. Such moments are granted even to evildoers. The courageous one shakes the evil off, without a false sense of dignity or vain desire overcoming him. We need err only once if we have a little wisdom left in us.

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