Gita Daily Readings

21st February
Chapter II:60-61
The turbulent senses, 0h Arjuna, violently carry away the mind of a wise man though he be striving to control them.

Having restrained them all, he should sit steadfast, intent on me. His wisdom is steady whose senses are under control.


The senses are powerful, too! The wise spiritual aspirant can never ignore this in the belief that since they depend upon the mind for their functioning, all that he has to do is to sit and brood over the methods of controlling the mind!

The very fact that the senses still function is proof that the mind is "leaking" through them. As long as we are alive, the senses will continue to function in however feeble and restrained a manner. A small hole in the side of a very big dam can break the whole dam, however strong it is. Only when attachment to the body (or the false notion "I am this body") is completely removed can we "seal" the inner holes of the senses. Then the senses will not react in the ordinary way to worldly impressions; this is illustrated in the story in which Bhagavan Rsabha Deva walked into a forest fire!

Till that state is reached, one should practice both sama (control of mind) and dama (control of the senses). One-sided control here is no control at all. It is like filling a pot without closing the holes through which water leaks. This two-fold control will be truly effective only if our stable value is God, which is meant by  "intent on me." When the mind is intent on God, the senses function only by past momentum or according to God's will and their pleasure-seeking impetus is cut off. Our wisdom is rooted firmly in God, our stable value.

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