Gita Daily Readings

30th December
XVIII: 74-77
Sanjaya said: Thus I have heard this wonderful dialogue between Krishna and the high-souled Arjuna, which causes the hair to stand on end.

Through the grace of Vyasa I have heard this supreme and most secret yoga direct from Krishna, the lord of yoga, himself declaring lt.

Oh King, remembering this wonderful and holy dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, I rejoice again and again.

And, remembering again and again also, that most wonderful form of Hari, great is my wonder, Oh King; and I rejoice again and again.


How could Sanjaya hear this dialogue direct from God? How could Sanjaya see the divine cosmic form when he was seated in the palace and was not on the battlefield? These questions would have been valid in the last century, not in this. Radio and television have enabled us, even in this totally materialistic age, to hear someone's voice over thousands of miles and to see someone as if in person. Even if we are reluctant to accept the validity of psychic phenomena and the possibility of a psychic communion between Sanjaya and Krishna (initiated by sage Vyasa himself), what prevents us from accepting the possible existence of radio and television in that remote time? One may ask why these things did not exist in India a hundred years ago. But consider this: should a nuclear war destroy modern civilization, the generation that will live in this world a couple hundred years hence might ask the same question and doubt the richness of the present civilization.

If we cultivate the necessary faith and the necessary power of inner communion, we can still experience the thrill that was Sanjaya's privilege. Throw away the books and commentaries; dive within your self and listen to the Gita direct from God's lips. To foster that spirit within you is the only purpose of any commentary.

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