Gita Daily Readings

27th December
XVIII: 67-69
This is never to be spoken by thee to one who is devoid of austerities or devotion, nor to one who does not render service or who does not desire to listen, nor to one who wrangles at me.

He who with supreme devotion to me will teach this supreme secret to my devotees, shall doubtless come to me.

Nor is there any among men who does dearer service to me, nor shall there be another on earth dearer to me than he.


Krishna obviously knew that his instructions to Arjuna would live for ever as the spiritual guiding light for humanity. In the present day context when the printing machine, public address system, radio, television and tape recorder have to some extent replaced personal tuition, the admonition of verse 67 above seems to be out of place. Yet one cannot fail to notice that they who fall within the qualifications of this verse do not care to visit assemblies where the Gita is taught, and the teaching is so sublime that even if they went but once, out of curiosity, they would not go for more, unless, by God's grace, there came a change within them.

The message of the Bhagavad Gita will not produce a lasting impression upon the mind of one who has no devotion, who is given to sense-indulgence, who is selfish or atheistic. Hence, if one with these qualifications comes to discuss the Gita with you, keep quiet! In a public meeting, your words are received eagerly by the devout. In private conversation, give the knowledge only to those who are faithful, eager to learn, unselfish and full of devotion to God.

Spreading the knowledge of the Gita itself can build an inner fortress of divinity into which we can retire when assailed by temptations; and an outer fortress, too, in as much as worldly-minded people will not bother us and we shall have excellent company of the devout all the time.

Even they who at first think we are mad will, in God's good time, get the infection and be happy that they are mad, too - mad, for God.

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