Gita Daily Readings

24th December
Chapter XVIII: 63-64
Thus has wisdom, more secret than secrecy itself, been declared unto thee by me; having reflected over it fully, then act as thou wishest.

Hear thou again my supreme word, most secret of all; because thou art dearly beloved of me, I will tell thee what is good.


In verse 63 above, we are given a hint of the divine law. Having bestowed intelligence and free-will upon man and having revealed the greatest of all secrets to him, the Lord does not make a mockery of that gift by depriving man of its use! "Reflect over what I have said fully and then act as thou wishest."

This exercise of the individuality and its concomitant free-will is the fundamental principle in the law of karma. God created Adam and warned him specifically not to taste the forbidden fruit; yet, the serpent (also God's creation?) was able to lead him astray! "Why did the first man choose to subject himself to evil?" asks the wiseacre. Why do you make a wrong choice? It is impossible for the limited human understanding to unravel this mystery.

The problem of right or wrong action is guided by the act of vigilant observation. What is needed is insight. There is absolutely no guidance except the kindling of this inner light - the awakening of the insight. If this is there, it is able to take care of life's problems as they arise. The problem is not what you should do or if you should do something, but to remain aware of the source of the impulse to act. In the light of the insight, that source is revealed, and then the necessary changes in one's personality are brought about in order that one's actions are proper.

As Lord Buddha said, instead of worrying our poor little head with these transcendental questions, we should listen to God's supreme word, the greatest secret, in the full knowledge and faith that God loves us dearly and that he has revealed this knowledge to us because it is good for us. "Listening" is our foremost duty! This listening implies neither acceptance nor rejection, but a "tuning in." When we thus tune in to the song of God, the truth unveils itself.

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