Gita Daily Readings

13th December
XVIII: 45-46
Each man, devoted to his own duty, attains perfection. How he attains perfection while being engaged in his own duty - hear now.

He from whom all the beings have evolved and by whom all this is pervaded - worshipping that one with the due performance of his own duty, man attains perfection.


In our day-to-day activity, this truth that God pervades everything in the universe is not reflected. Our cravings, our hate, our fear, our jealousy, our envy and the competitive spirit which characterizes all our thoughts, words and deeds, are the direct denial of the reality we seem to understand intellectually.

With what green eyes the poor brahmana looks at the rich farmer or trader! With what envy the ksatriya, with all his pomp and power, views the status that the brahmana enjoys! What would the trader not do to "buy" the political boss or the pandit! And, lastly, how fervently members of the workers' union wish to assert their superiority over everyone else!

All this is unnecessary. Is salvation the exclusive privilege of men of only certain castes or professions? An emphatic "No" is the reply, for the simple reason that (a) all are born of God and (b) God dwells in all of us. (If it can be asserted that one born in a "low" caste cannot attain God-realization, then it should also be proved that God does not dwell in him!)

This eternal oneness already exists between God and every man; no one can cancel it. All that is needed now is to realize that relationship. The man is asleep in his own house. All that he has to do is to wake up, to realize that fact. You cannot say: "Unless you become somebody else the house cannot be yours."

Do your own duty - whatever that "work" be. But adopt this wonderful life-transforming inner attitude: treat that work as worship of God. Who is that God? He who created all beings and who further pervades all of them. He and he alone exists. You are not serving anybody here, but God. Service of fellow men, service of all creatures is worship of God. Realize this and be free - that freedom from ego and desire is perfection.

The second of the above two verses should be inscribed on the tablet of our heart. It is the heart of the Gita.

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