Gita Daily Readings

29th August
Chapter XI: 51-52
Arjuna said: Having seen this thy gentle human form, Oh Krishna, now I am composed and am restored to my own nature.

The blessed Lord said: Very hard indeed it is to see this form of mine which thou hast seen. Even the gods are ever longing to behold it.


The gentle "form" of God is easier to meditate upon; and when the time comes, this form itself will lead us to the formless being. It avoids the danger of violent inner disturbances on the one hand and merely lapsing into the void (a kind of sleep) on the other. There is, no doubt, the risk of getting stuck there and forgetting the goal; but if the aspirant i5 sincere this will not happen.

"Hard to see" may mean:

(a) it is rare, and

(b) it is a psycho-spiritual adventure which demands all the strength and talents of the heroic.

It is bound to be rare; for the man-in-the-street is so readily tempted by the glittering objects of sense-pleasure that he deems it a piteous waste of time to even turn away from them. It is only a Moses, a Buddha, a Jesus, a Dayananda, a Ramakrishna or a Sivananda who is able to "see through" the imposter called sense-pleasure and avoid him. In the very nature of life such people are bound to be rare.

Without this natural disinclination for sense-pleasure (vairagya) it is not possible to build up a psycho-spiritual personality that is strong enough to undertake the adventure into the infinite. Krishna indicates that the gods, who are certainly not ignorant and stupid beings, are "ever longing" to behold the cosmic form, but in them this disinclination for sense-pleasure is not natural. The dwellers of heaven lead a life of ESP (extra-sensuous pleasure!) and their longing does not bear fruit. Man, on the other hand, not being subject to such intensity of pleasure, can turn away from it altogether, and with a little reflection over the pain of worldly existence, develop a natural dislike for it - thus turning to God.

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