Gita Daily Readings

19th August
Chapter XI: 34-35
Drona, Bhishma, Jayadratha, Karna and other brave warriors - these are already slain by me; do thou kill; be not distressed with fear; fight and thou shalt conquer thy enemies in battle.

Sanjaya said: Having heard that speech of lord Krishna, Arjuna, with joined palms, trembling, prostrating himself, again addressed Krishna, in a choked voice, bowing down, overwhelmed with fear.


The most important and vital truth is repeated thrice for emphasis. People criticize repetition, yet on closer scrutiny it is discovered that their "intellect" rebels against truth. Light hurts the owl's eyes. Having once seen the light by accident, the owl refuses to face it again.

The yogi in spiritual communion with the Lord whom he perceives through the inner eye of wisdom or intuition, forgets space, time and materiality. Arjuna did not know where he was, what the situation was or who was standing in front of him! But the divine being does not "forget." It is good to remember that: even if we forget our duty, the divine will not forget it or allow us to forget it.

Bow down to the inevitable. Killing is sin, but cremation is not. "These brave warriors have already been slain by me," and what you are really going to do is to cremate them! How can one kill a dead body? Therefore, fear not and be not distressed. "Fight and thou shalt conquer thy enemies in battle," for the simple reason that they have no life!

Having heard these flaming words of truth from the supreme Lord, Arjuna, still overwhelmed with fear but full of devotion to him, begins to praise him and sing his glories. Such inspiration founded on devotion and ecstatic communion with God is the origin of all hymns and liturgy. Sooner or later in one's life a situation is reached where one is overwhelmed by the magnitude of the power beyond human might - transcendent and yet accessible to the human being; and then there arises spontaneous devotion to it. At that point the discriminating mind is silenced and shaktipat (the direct, non-verbal transmission of truth) happens.

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