Gita Daily Readings

4th August
Chapter XI: 6-7
Behold the adityas, the vasus, the rudras, the two ashvins and also the marut; behold many wonders never seen before, Oh Arjuna.

Now behold, Oh Arjuna, in this, my body, the whole universe, centered in one - including the moving and the unmoving - and whatever else thou desirest to see.


One of the most significant and beautiful declarations repeated in the Bhagavad Gita a number of times in different formulations is that there is nothing in the universe except the divine. In chapter ten, verses 21-23, we came across the same expressions as we have in verse 6 above. I repeat: these "names" are worth investigating to discover their physical or astronomical identity.

Verse 7 is most important. The universe is God's body (though this is not obvious). This one thought will solve all our problems and dissolve the ignorance that produced them. This cosmic body of God is centered in one, rooted in one, built around one. An imperfect analogy again, has to raise us to this stage. Just as our body and mind are superimpositions on the one soul, just as the different parts of the body and the different faculties of the mind inhere in the one soul - even so the multifarious moving and unmoving, sentient and insentient objects of the world are centered in the one which needs no name because it is unique, incapable of being compared or contrasted. The diversity implied is apparent, yet the charm lies in the wisdom of perceiving the underlying unity.

Life is not obvious, the truth is not obvious. What is obvious is a creation of the mind. Thus, you can see in the universe (the body of God) "whatever else thou desirest to see"! The world is only the projection of our (past and present) wishful thinking; the reality is that it is the body of God. However, even this knowledge is not so obvious. Hence, the wise man constantly remembers that there is an unobvious reality in the universe which is the reality.

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