Gita Daily Readings

24th April
Chapter Five: 14-15
The Lord creates for the world neither agency nor actions (egoistic action or karma as the law of causation), nor union with the fruits of actions. But it is nature that prevails.

The Lord takes neither the demerit nor even the merit of any. Knowledge is enveloped by ignorance. Therefore beings are deluded.


There is plenty of work to do in the Lord's good world - but it is his world, his body. His life, power, nature or shakti is the motive force. His consciousness or intelligence is the guiding force. His own body, the universe, is the field. The innumerable microcosmic beings are cells in that body, joyously and purposefully participating in his work, sharing his life, power and nature, and united with his consciousness or intelligence. The individualized fraction is not the whole; but it is non-different from the whole and when it realizes its true nature as such, it is indivisibly one with the whole.

Egoism is a mysterious deluding power. Individuation is inherent in the infinite as a potentiality all the time. Creation is the actualization of this potentiality. Like the unperceivable dot on the circumference of a circle, like the raindrop that has not isolated itself from the rain-bearing cloud, it should be (and is) ever one with the infinite (though misunderstood to be only part of it). How this assumes independence of the infinite is a mystery! Is it ever independent of the infinite, in truth?

But, thank God, such division is a product of ignorance. When this ignorance is removed it will vanish. Even the law of cause and effect is based on this ignorant and egoistic idea of agency. In God, in his eyes, there is neither cause nor effect, neither merit nor demerit, neither heaven nor hell, neither bondage nor liberation. None of these affects him; and none of these helps him in us to reveal himself. All of them function in the darkness of our soul-slumber. They will vanish when we wake up.

How does one wake up? WAKE UP!

The Venkatesa Gita Daily Readings
The Song of God: The Bhagavad Gita
Translation by Swami Sivananda and Commentary by Swami Venkatesanan
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Copyright 1997
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