Gita Daily Readings

10th April
Chapter Four: 26-27
Some again offer hearing and other senses as sacrifice in the fire of restraint. Others offer sound and other objects of the senses as sacrifice in the fire of the senses.

Others again sacrifice all the functions of the senses and those of the breath in the fire of the yoga of self-restraint kindled by knowledge.


These are not external but internal "rituals." External rituals are props for an internal process of meditation. To the vast majority of people they are necessary. There are a few spiritual heroes, however, who can dispense with them and enter the inner realm.

 1. First kindle the fire of self-restraint within. Into that burning desire for achieving perfect restraint, offer the cravings and longings of the senses as and when they arise. The symbolism of the fire-worship will greatly help.

 2. In the case of such activity and even such righteous enjoyments as are inevitable to the living of life, visualize the senses themselves as the sacrificial fire. Offer the objects of enjoyment into this fire; this is a very effective way of getting rid of  "likes and dislikes," which are the result of over-rating the objects of the world. The objects are like inert firewood, fuel for the senses that are the fire to be sustained so long as it is necessary for the enlightenment of the sou1.

 3. In a higher kind of meditation, the fire is samyama (combined practice of concentration, meditation and samadhi) and the oblation is the action (present and past) of all the senses and even the vital force.

Once the oblation is offered into the fire it becomes one with the fire which alone shines. Thus, when the senses and the vital force are offered into the fire of atma-samyama, the self alone shines, after absorbing the oblations (senses and vital force) into itself.

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