Gita Daily Readings

2nd April
Chapter Four: 13-14
The fourfold caste has been created by me according to the differentiation of guna and karma. Though I am the author thereof, know me as non-doer and immutable.

Actions do not taint me, nor have I a desire for the fruit of actions. He who knows me thus is not bound by actions.


Men, desiring worldly rewards, work in different fields. Their inherent and predominant quality or nature (guna) leads them along these paths of activity (karma). God as we noticed in the last two verses, "goes" to them along those very paths. He provides them with the congenial atmosphere in which they can evolve with the help of their own guna and their own karma; the yoga of the Gita does not demand transplantation, but only transmutation. This congenial atmosphere is the caste system in its pure and uncorrupted form.

God, being the center of all, is equidistant from all, whatever their caste and whatever be their duty or activity. God-oriented performance of one's own duty is the direct road to perfection. This path (the caste system) originates in his nature, but it should not be attributed to him (that is, it should not be regarded as the absolute!), because it is the individual's nature that determines or paves it, and as this nature undergoes transmutation, the path might vanish in the destination!

God is not bound by anything in this universe. God is not even bound by this notion of "unbindability"; so he may incarnate himself and appear to be bound! He is beyond all concepts.

The second verse can also be used as a formula to meditate upon, in order to disentangle the soul from the mesh of our body and mind. The "me," then, would refer to the soul, the witness consciousness, the true self that is not tainted by any action of the body and mind. This meditation will liberate us from bondage to karma.

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