Gita Daily Readings

1st April
Chapter Four: 11-12
In whatever way men approach me, even so do I go to them. My path do men tread in all ways, Oh Arjuna.

Those who long for success in action in this world sacrifice to (worship) the gods, because success is quickly attained by men through (such) action.


This could well have been the basis of the numerous "spiritual healing" techniques evolved specially by the westerners. If one realizes that God is good, perfect, full of light, life and love, then he experiences these qualities in him and around him; God himself comes to him as such. One who has no faith in an abiding truth or reality surrounds himself with darkness. He who regards God as a tyrant is terrified.

God has bestowed upon man intelligence which is but a spark of God's consciousness, and free-will which is particularization of God's omnipotence; man can use them for his own uplift or downfall. He is free within wide boundaries.

Even in the "religious" approach, the Hindu firmly believes that the countless viewpoints of God (which are the different religions) are all valid and will lead us to the same God. The ultimate experience, viz., God realizing himself, is beyond the pale of the ego; but the highest spiritual experiences, too, may differ from man to man, as is revealed in the "different" religions. This conviction fills us with tolerance and understanding, without loss of individuality.

Even they who seek material gains (or even spiritual perfection) resort only to God through the various divinities (powers of God's nature); and God responds to them via the same channel, as the fruits of those actions (success or failure, pain and pleasure and so on). We adore God alone in various ways. This knowledge frees us from fear, attachment, anger, intolerance and proselytism.

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