Gita Daily Readings

19th September
Chapter XIII: 14-15
Shining by the functions of all the senses, yet without the senses; unattached, yet supporting all; devoid of qualities, yet their experiencer,

Without and within all beings, the unmoving and also the moving; because of its subtlety, unknowable; and near and far away is that.


These verses are not for discussion or rationalization, but for meditation. When you say: “I see that” (pointing to an object) you are really singing the glory of God! The "I" in you is God and he is in that object, too; and, the sight itself has been made possible by his power. Yet, he is not limited or conditioned by the senses. Because he is all-pervading, the soul of everything, he is not attached to anybody or anything. This apparent diversity is nothing but the manifestation of God's power and glory. Hence he supports them all in the sense that they do not and cannot exist but for him. He is free; yet all our experiences are possible only because he is the consciousness in them.

God is all pervading, but because he is extremely subtle, being the one homogeneous essence when all names and forms are reduced to their fundamental homogeneity, he is (intellectually) unknowable. In other words, he is the supreme subject, and therefore can never be objectively perceived.

To those who realize him through intuitive knowledge, he is indeed near, for what can be nearer than our innermost self? Yet the ignorant man relates to the world in a distorted way, pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain and unhappiness. He is subject to endless misery and delusion, and in his state of ignorance God seems to be far away.

The Ishavasya Upanishad asks: “If one realizes that the self (God) is all, how shall he ever experience grief or delusion?” In that realization (not mere intellectual knowledge), the world is seen as it is and there is no attachment, hate or fear. With that vision the world and life are transformed into something very beautiful - you do not manipulate the world or try to revolutionize your life, yet everything flows.

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