Gita Daily Readings

10th September
Chapter XII: 15-16
He by whom the world is not agitated and who cannot be agitated by the world, who is freed from joy, envy, fear and anxiety - he is dear to me.

He who is free from wants, pure, expert, unconcerned, and untroubled, renouncing all undertakings or commencements - he who is thus devoted to me, is dear to me.


The modern world, in its mad rush for an immediate magic cure to our maladies, finds no time to seek the root of any problem. Wars, revolutions, strikes and other sociopolitical agitations, various international controls, birth control and tranquilizers - are all proof of our incompetence and unwillingness to look for the root of the problem. Headaches, complexes and neuroses are symptoms, not diseases in themselves. They warn us of the presence in and around us of reactionary forces that violently disturb our inner equilibrium. Population explosion is a sign of altered social and family values - where pleasure has usurped duty's place. Strikes and so on reveal that in commerce, profit rules and not a sense of duty to our fellow men. Wars and revolutions betray, again, that our scale of values has dangerously degenerated.

The devotee is not a revolutionary or a reactionary. He does not indulge in disputations and proselytizing missions. The world often hero-worships such people, unjustifiably, for they are still worldly however exalted and useful that worldliness may be! The true devotee realizes that such agitation is unnecessary and is thus unaffected by the agitations of the world. By precept and personal example he radiates truth without agitating anyone's heart. He is a lover of peace; he is peace. Thus he is free from wants and ever happy. The flame of faith and love is kindled in his heart leaving no room for egoism, selfishness, hate, jealousy or fear.

By God's grace, this seeker is gradually led to direct realization of his cosmic presence.

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